Classy Table Service at our Katy, Bellaire, & Heights Locations. Call for to-go orders: Bellaire 713-349-9400, Katy 281-394-9006, Heights 713-867-8600
Houstonia Magazine (2015)
Bernie’s Burger Bus’ Recipe for Perfect Burgers
Wow your guests this summer with tips and tricks from Bernie’s burger guru Justin Turner.
Zagat (2015)
The Detention Burger: Houston's Most Extreme!
Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the big-as-your-head burger (pictured at top) at this Bellaire patty joint
Houston Press (2015)
Top 10 New Houston Restaurants
Time to go in for some of that old school awesomeness!
The Food Network (2015)
The First Place to Go in Houston!
Insider Tip: Share the honor roll fries so you can save room for a Salted Caramel Apple Shake
The Houston Chronicle (2014)
Top 100 Restaurants by Alison Cook
The tall burgers with their house-made condiments seem remarkably consistent right now, as do the fries. At last there are local draft beer and milkshakes.
The Houston Chronicle (2014)
Good Grades for Bernie's
Turner's eye for detail set his burgers apart in the first place. It's a textbook case of scrappy small food-truck entrepreneur makes good, an appealing myth that in this well-deserved case has come true.
THE DAILY MEAL (2012, 2013, & 2014!)
one of the Best food trucks in America
Top choice for the Best Food Truck in America by a National Dining News Site THREE years in a row. #19 on the list of 101 Best Food Trucks in America!
The Daily Beast (2014)
Best Burger on Wheels
Elevate this food-truck graduate to a well-rounded restaurant valedictorian. Special honors for their milkshakes comprised of house-made ice cream and crumbled cookies from Fluff Bake Bar pastry whiz Rebecca Masson.
CultureMap (2014)
Hot, Must-try
Worth the drive. Fans of the truck will recognize all their familiar favorites, but diners can choose from lamb, chicken and grass-fed beef patties instead of the regular Angus.
Houston Press (2014)
Chef Justin Turner wins fourth annual Kiss My Grits!
Grillades 'n white cheddar grits by Chef Justin Turner of Bernie's Burger Bus stole the throw down with hearty, deep flavors. Together, it made a winning dish. (2014)
Food Truck Fridays (video!)
Bernie's Burger Bus has hit food truck gold. A staff favorite is The Substitute, - a virtual steakhouse dinner on a bun. The beef patty is topped with bacon, bleu cheese, burgundy mushrooms, and "tipsy onions," which have been sautéed in Jack Daniels whiskey.
Zagat (2014)
Exciting developments for the Bernie's brand
The main man behind it, chef Justin Turner, never expected to create such an empire, though it's as if he was born to do it.
TOP BURGERS by Robb Walsh
The Homeroom Burger is Old School Awesome! Bernie's is at the top of the OF THE MOMENT list
Zagat (2013)
Zagat names Bernie's a Lovable Local Chain
This fleet of mobile eateries is worth chasing for one of Houston's BEST burgers.
Bernie's Substitute Burger is To-Die-For, #2 on the Top 10 List - Brian Hinkle & Craig Schofer
MY TABLE (2012)
Bernie's wins TWO Houston Culinary Awards!
Bernie wins BEST BURGER * and * BEST FOOD TRUCK in Houston!
Houston Press Blog (2013)
Favorite Dishes
Kaitlin Steinberg describes her burger coma, a feeling of content, and the subsequent realization that she had been converted to a gourmet burger lover!
Alison Cook's TOP 100
Bernie's Burger Bus is more than a Food Truck! Ranked #28 Restaurant in the City
Readers' poll: Houston's Best!
Bernie's is voted Best Food Truck by readers of the Chronicle
Houston Press (2012)
Readers choose Bernie's Burger as the Best in the City!
After multiple rounds of intense competition, Bernies wins the Burger Bracket!
Urban Swank Blog (2012)
The real deal and there's nothing like it
This food truck embodies those things that result in loyal customers: great food, consistently great customer service, and a passion for creating something your customers will love and come back for time and time again.
Houston Press (2012)
Best French Fries in Houston
BEHOLD YOUR NEW GOD, Bernies fries made #1 on the list of the top 10: hand-cut, they're crispy and pillowy all at once... you won't find a better fry in town.
Food Monsters (2011)
Great Food. Good Service. Visit Bernies!
Most food trucks today are held to extremely strict standards, are very well kept, and are run by some very qualified chefs. A great example of that is Justin Turner, the Owner and Chef of Bernie's Burger Bus.